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BEN’S BLOGS: ‘Rocking the Ring at Wimbledon Dogs!’


statement[dropcap]P[/dropcap]oor John Henwood, Blog. The longserving, Wimbledon bookmaker, is reeling, from a Punting performance, of which he has never seen the likes of before… It is common knowledge, at the Star offices, that I have never actually, ever backed a winner, when going Greyhound Racing. Well, last night, the bock was finally broken, and‎ I managed to back, 6 winners, including an awe-inspiring, 5 in a row, at one point. BOW TO THE MASTER..!!

The highlight of the evening though, came when we were chatting with fellow visitors to the track. Four different Punters, informed us, that it was their first night out, at The Dogs. Does this not tell us everything we need to know, Blog? Virtually a ruin, and barely advertised at all, Wimbledon is still a huge tourist and leisure attraction, for the capital. DO WE REALLY NEED ANOTHER BORING FOOTBALL STADIUM, MR KHAN?

In other news:

9781847924056-2Have you all rushed out yet, to buy a copy of Corporate Clegg’s new book? Stephen King must be quaking in his boots, at the threat, of his millions of readers, jumping ship, to go and read that thriller! ‎Clegg, you’re a Corporate Sympathiser. Go and get a politically-correct, pretend-job, with a silly job-title, at Google, and enjoy your next 30 years, working out, how you can join up, your days off, with your holiday entitlement – YOU’RE A STAFF, AND WE’RE NOT INTERESTED IN YOU..!!

Over and out, B x