BETTING ODDITIES: In his latest weekly blog, DAVID STEWART takes a sideways look at some of the stories making the news in the betting world and beyond.



  • No scaremongering as I was accused off last week.
  • I want Cheltenham to be on.
  • No financial interest.
  • This is still such a fascinating story and it ain’t going away as Cheltenham ON/OFF looks set to be the photo of all photos.

If you are of the firm belief that racing at Cheltenham goes ahead in just 120 hours time can you really be confident taking 1/4 (* subject to extreme volatility) when:


  • England’s chief medical adviser has told MPs that the UK is moving into the next stage of its response to the coronavirus outbreak.
  • That next stage is “delay” which could be announced officially at any time. This seems a formality given that the chief medical advisor says the country is already “mainly” in delay phase.
  • The delay phase, as in place in Italy, will see likely cancellations of mass public events. Not just sporting events but theatres, cinemas, even bars, restaurants and gyms.
  • Big sporting events ARE already bering cancelled Italy v England in Rome and racing at Meydan confined to ‘behind closed doors’. Premier League football now also at the contingency stage.

So if you bet at 1/4 good luck to you. You won’t just be watching the market, you’ll be watching the news 24/7 – right up to 1.30pm on Tuesday.

Personally speaking (and to reiterate I hope I’m wrong) but I’ve seen better 1/4 shots.


This is the very lift where I dropped my keys down the gap. Obviously what would ordinarily have been a 9/2 chance to fall through the gap immediately became the 1/12 jolly.

Two hours later (the spread was 6-7 hours, so I was quite impressed) a very chirpy chap arrived via motorbike from Southampton.

He recovered them in five minutes with an implement, which I am sure was more technical, but for the purposes of the blog let’s just call it a fishing rod.

Apparently he says it happens ‘quite often’ and went on his merry way leaving me £250 lighter.

Am about to file an insurance claim which I’m sure will get knocked back in the small print, Acts Of God, Acts Of Gross Stupidity etc.

In any event, lesson learnt. Mind the gap.


Contrition is a great attribute in life. If you make a cock-up, own up, try and put it right then kick on.

Shame Walkers Crisps still haven’t seen the light after all these years.

Salt and Vinegar and Cheese And Onion are in the WRONG coloured packets !!!!

Salt and Vinegar should be BLUE (Salt is from the blue sea)
Cheese and Onion should be GREEN (onions are green)

It’s even a damn question on their OWN FAQ page !


Sometimes you really can’t make it up.


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