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BETTING ODDITIES: All set for Howlaween?

BETTING ODDITIES: In his latest weekly blog, DAVID STEWART takes a sideways look at some of the stories making the news in the betting world and beyond.


Good luck to all connections in the final of the Star Sports Greyhound Derby on Saturday.

It’s been a tough year for the race and the challenges keep on coming for Nottingham, not least, as of today, the city going into Tier 3 restrictions.

Well done to Nathan and his team for ensuring the show goes on despite a global pandemic and Biblical rainstorms.

I think we’ve got a final well worthy of the event. As for the winner, there was just SOMETHING about Southwood Jet I liked in this interview clip (trainer Richard Rees / interview Julie Collier) that we used on this site a few weeks ago.

What a fine specimen, totally alert and finely tuned and he’s been the consummate professional on the track too as his price tag now indicates. I’m just kicking myself for not availing of the 10/1 at the time 🙁

The coincidence bet would SURELY have to be Wolfe on Halloween – or should that be Howlaween?

£25 FREE STAR BET for the name of the last greyhound with a single word name to win the Greyhound Derby? Entries to – first correct entry out the hat wins – over 18 only. Winner picked by the ODDITIES Stewards at 3pm on Saturday.


I dislike both candidates in the US Election.

But if, as the latest prices indicate, Trump loses I will kind of miss his insanity in a perverse way.

There is no script with the Trump regime and it’s a living soap opera.

I may just have to go back to Coronation Street if Sleepy Joe gets in.

I’ll say one thing for Trump though. His walk-on song God Bless The USA is a real catchy number.


Ajax set a new Eredivise record with an emphatic 13-0 victory over VVV-Venlo on Saturday.

VVV’s goalkeeper Delano van Crooy said after the match that he would not give himself a mark for his performance.

He said: “I’ll leave that to the experts”.



A word to the wise at Waitrose.

On their plastic bags they print the bar code on one of the four corners.

This means you are a 3/1 chance (no margins here on ODDITIES) to get the right corner when scanning out and obviously get it wrong more times than right.

After extensive research, I can now publish the results of my consultancy, er

…. print the wretched bar code on ALL FOUR CORNERS.

I thank you.

Paying out on bottom right


Unbelievable scenes in ODDITIES Towers this morning. I attempted to throw a discarded printer cartridge into the waste bin. Distance: 3 feet, Going: Good.

Would have priced ‘getting it in the bin’ a generous 1/25 chance – just impossible to miss. I threw it, the price traded even shorter in running, it hit the edge, spun round and fell short of the hole.

I’ll have to remember this next time I see a short price team or horse flop. NOTHING is certain in life.

…. and whilst I am the subject of printer cartridges WHY does it ask me to replace the CYAN cartridge when I’m only printing in black and white?

The firms making these printers are literally printing money.


DAVID STEWART is a freelance digital betting producer and journalist. His CV includes: The Sun, The Sporting Life, Racing Post, At The Races, The Sportsman, lead feature writer for Sky’s Betview magazine and senior producer Timeform Radio.

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