BETTING ODDITIES: Drifters do win

BETTING ODDITIES: In his latest weekly blog, DAVID STEWART takes a sideways look at some of the stories making the news in the betting world and beyond.


You may have missed it, and hopefully you did but instead of Eurovison this year there was a virtual version which pitted 19 of best known Eurovision classics (I use that word in the loosest possible sense) and then there was a public vote.

There was betting on it too – and it produced one of the betting stories of the year. ABBA (group horse in a handicap) were odds on at around 2/5 before the programme started but drifted to 8/1 as the polls closed with a plunge on Loreen (no, me neither) down to 1/10 just before Graham Norton read out the result.

I was already primed on the tweet machine: “Disgrace”, “They knew”, “Shouldn’t bet on arbitrary events” etc but was silenced when ABBA were called out the winners.

OK not a huge liquidity market but even so plenty of people happy to take 1/10 based on WHAT actually? Probably nothing more than the snowball effect of an initial spurious market move.

For ABBA, winners of the real thing in 1974, it was just the history book on the shelf repeating itself ….


Have been out and about over the last couple of days and come to the conclusion, despite best intentions, social distancing is almost impossible – especially in shops.

Down to a combination of factors, not least of which people not understanding how far two metres actually is but shops could also make it MUCH easier by making all their aisles one way traffic only.

This helps considerably when you see the family Von Trapp coming head on towards you with an extra large shopping trolley.


E-mails that go straight into the trash can.

Anything that begins…..

David, just reaching out to you to …….


It’s brilliant that sport is coming back. Even behind closed doors.

But my goodness how some sports miss a crowd – notably football. Watching the mighty Bayern Munich play what easily could have been a Sunday morning park game for all the atmosphere felt so wrong.

Far from being spectators the crowd are very much participant to the success of live sport. Fingers crossed it will be safe for them to return soon.


Virtually every shop I’ve been into recently has widely installed perspex barriers to separate you from the staff.

Just one question. Where has all this perspex come from? Incredible that so much has been sourced – has it been stockpiled for so long. For perspex manufacturers their rainy day has arrived.


What a great feel good video from the Jamie Osborne stable that clearly demonstrates a happy workforce. Damn it, even the horses appear to be dancing in tune with the music from 1.03 onwards !!!

I did enjoy the response from the equally entertaining social media account of Fergal O’Brien when asked if they would be doing something similar.

“Not a chance! You need an Equity card to work for Team Osborne”.

Stay safe.


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