BETTING ODDITIES: England v Towcester


I can’t wait for the final of the Star Sports Greyhound Derby next weekend (don’t forget DRAW on Monday at 1pm and latest prices CLICK HERE) and the good news for the organisers, to quote a theatrical term, is that they have downstage centre to themselves.

Finding gaps in the tightly knit sporting calendar is never easy, especially in high summer, so it’s great that the event will get the exposure it deserves and hopefully it will be a cracking final.

It was disappointing though to see that the timings of the semi-finals couldn’t be adjusted at late notice so as not to clash head-on with the England quarter-final.

As sponsors, I know Star raised the point when it became aware England had progressed but were told it was a ‘SIS decision’ that was ‘immovable’. Maybe it was assumed England would never progress so far – after all, after 30 years, it was a long odds-on shot.

The mind boggles even more. Surely it’s in SIS’s very own interest to get as many eyes on the two races as possible? So bringing the races forward to, say, 7.30pm and 7.50pm ahead of the 8pm KO in Rome could have helped everyone – not least the presumably busier than normal SIS equipped betting shops with punters placing bets on the match.

I know the hardened greyhound fans wouldn’t care so much but isn’t that just the point, that the sport needs to showcase to a much wider audience to build the hardened fans of the future?

There was either a very good reason that I’m oblivious to or just sheer intransigence. Either way I’m not sure there were many winners ….

If you’re going to pick a fight with the sporting calendar – probably best not to do it with an England quarter final?

Even horse racing, which has many more conflicting stakeholders, are finally getting better at adjusting to changing times:


Sadly I won’t make it to Wimbledon this year. The loophole which used to get you into the ground quite cheaply via a day pass and then a re-buy ticket from the corporates that went home after the first match on Centre Court seems now to be a distant memory 🙁

I’ve done the muggy thing and bought a towel though! A towel might just be the item required after watching this clip. It’s from 2019 but hasn’t done the rounds much – I can’t remember it at all.

It’s SERIOUSLY funny – especially the second blast ….


Cycling through Thames Ditton the other morning I fleetingly saw three half decent chairs with a sign on saying FREE. On the basis of one man’s junk being another man’s treasure and all that I thought I’d enquire further on the way back.

Sadly the sign wasn’t quite what I first thought …..


Speaking through my pocket ….. well there is surely no OTHER WAY when writing a gambling column, I was DESPERATE for one more yellow card in the Belgium v Italy game. How there were no more than three defies belief. There should have been two for time wasting alone by Italy in the closing stages.

But this really took the biscuit. Absolutely shameful stuff from Immobile (well named) who feigned injury only to miraculously spring back to life when they scored …..


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