BETTING ODDITIES: Farewell Sir Clive


I was saddened to read of the passing of Sir Clive Sinclair. An absolute genius who was so far ahead of his time. Even his much maligned C5 was around 50 years too early with electric cars only now beginning to soar and with the pumps drying up you’d be a buyer in that market.

Like many of my age group, my first experience of computers was with Sir Clive’s revolutionary machines. I started with the ZX81 (still envious of those pioneers who had the white ZX80) before moving onto the rubber-keyed Spectrum.

A whole new world opened up. 20 levels of Manic Miner (which I never completed) and for me writing a program to help pick the racing winners which led to front page news on The Sun. It’s fading but still pride of place in my living room !

I was lucky enough to meet Sir Clive in person around 10 years ago in London. I was doing some marketing work for the Fox Poker Club in Shaftesbury Avenue and played a game in which he was opposite me on the table. Imagine trying to come up with some poker moves to outwit a genius. I had no chance.


My cycling route takes in some nice scenic views of the Thames between Hampton Court and Richmond and it’s humbling to see some more low-tech solutions in place …..

If I was investing in a business it would be paddle boards !! They are EVERYWHERE and seem to be the next big thing.

Apparently they are good for your core and balance but as tempting as they look I’d be 1.01 to be in the drink ….

The London Stand Up Paddle Company seemed to be doing good business in Richmond and possibly setting a new world record for the number of paddle boards on a car in the process.

So that’s the plan, the Oddities Paddle Board Company and in a couple of years I will float the business 😉


Not the Limahl version – but the Esdaile one. City AM’s Racing Editor Bill Esdaile has tipped up plenty of Zoom Room winners on this site including, notably, Serpentine in the 2020 Derby.

But he raised the stakes even higher on Saturday with Bedouin’s Story at 40/1 in Saturday’s Cambridgeshire previewed on the City AM podcast (from 35 minutes in) …..

Turning to Saturday’s big race Bill said: “I like Bedouin’s Story. Jamie Spencer is a perfect booking for a horse that needs to be put to sleep, his form figures sound more like a telephone number ….” before going on to make several cohesive reasons for backing him.

The old adage about only being as good as your last winner might still ring true – but when you play at those kind of prices you can afford to go just that little bit longer between drinks and it was a terrific call.

The City AM podcast is presented by my former Betfair Radio colleague Chris Barnett who has just returned from another major operation. Chris has battled through a whole sequence of recent medical setbacks with typical steadfastness, humour and positivity showing an amazing strength of character.

Keep the story and the winners going lads …..


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DAVID STEWART is a freelance digital betting producer and journalist. His CV includes: The Sun, The Sporting Life, Racing Post, At The Races, The Sportsman, lead feature writer for Sky’s Betview magazine and senior producer Timeform Radio.

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