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“Objection by the clerk of the scales”. Thankfully not heard often but seven words that send you into immediate resignation if it impacts your selection as it’s nearly always followed by “… there is an amended result”. If racing was a game of chess, the clerk of the scales is the Queen and you have no chance when it flexes the muscles.

Candleford’s disqualification at Ascot on Saturday seemed nothing more than a costly but unfortunate mistake. The 17/2 chance was disqualified from second – which was good news for supporters of the promoted Champagne Piaff (7/1) who ended up with bronze.

Candleford’s trainer William Haggas was quick to hold up his hands saying ‘it’s a disaster and I’m mortified’ after the weight cloth was inadvertently missed which meant Candleford effectively raced 5lb light. Haggas was subsequently fined £1,000.

To err his human and all that and there’s not much more to be said other than thankfully it happens infrequently.

What happens more often though is jockeys ‘forgetting to weigh in’. I’ve never understood why punters or owners need to be punished in this situation? Surely if a jockey hasn’t weighed in before the egg timer runs out it can’t be the most difficult job in the world to find them? Still fine them if you must but the current process smacks a little of ‘gotcha’. And there is nothing more tedious than ‘gotcha questioning’ (went out of fashion 20 years ago) either in politics or, in this case, the workplace.

All this assumes of course when they do finally remember to weigh in – they weigh in with the correct weight. GULP.


I think I may have spotted the perfect punting hideaway – a two bedroomed detached property which could be a snip at a mere £95,000.

It’s on the island of Yell in the Shetland Islands and can be viewed at: https://www.shetnews.co.uk/property/as-ferncliff-gutcher-yell/?fbclid=IwAR1XbxkGyKWnDgb6K0XoqmoY6ZeDuo4fzMiMmVBSCIMjxMPSQvhCipXXW9E

I fear from the particulars that ‘within a 5 mile range, there is a café’ could be estate agent talk for ‘on the other side of the mountain’ and more importantly there is no mention of broadband on the island or for that matter electricity. GULP.


A great video spotted by trainer David Menuisier. It brings a whole new dimension to watering. It might give Haydock some new ideas. GULP.


I was fairly readily overtaken by a Deliveroo cyclist on the way to Kingston. Being a competitive type I thought I’d re-rally (to quote a racing phrase, or should that be re-Raleighed?) over the bridge and show him who’s boss. However he pulled even further clear going up the bridge.  I then I caught sight of his legs – they were stationary. He was on an electric bike. Made me feel slightly better about current fitness levels!


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