BETTING ODDITIES: Greyhound Dreams become Nightmares

BETTING ODDITIES: In his latest weekly blog, DAVID STEWART takes a sideways look at some of the stories making the news in the betting world and beyond.


Desperately sad to see another greyhound track perish. This time it’s Belle Vue who have raced since 1926 and will now become, you’ve guessed it, a housing development.

After the rapid closure of London’s tracks people gradually become immune to this kind of news.

But the problem with immunity is you eventually wake up and realise there is nothing left. Nothing.

I visited plenty of tracks in my younger days including Middlesbrough and Spennymoor (pictured, both now sadly extinct).

At the time of Wimbledon closing I remember making the case on the radio that greyhound tracks occupy too much land to be sustainable just racing alone three or four times a week.

A Wimbledon leisure stadium that was multi-purpose football, greyhounds, cinema, gym, bowling, casino, restaurants, even wretched penthouse flats on the perimeter with ample car parking to support all activities could have been viable.

It needed big dreams. Something similarly stunning to the new Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas (pictured above).

A shared resource of multiple leisure activities could have worked in such a catchment area.  The Americans would call it a resort leisure destination. A place to go and have fun, be entertained.

And we all need that. Especially now.


Last week: Government announce 12-week health plans are set to be rolled out as part of the Prime Minister’s obesity strategy.

This week: Government launch Eat Out to Help Out – 50% discount on food at participating restaurants including McDonalds.

From the Q’s and A’s ….

Q: Is there a limit on how many times I can use the scheme?

A: No, you can use it as many times as you like. In theory, you could eat at multiple restaurants on the same day and claim the discount.

If that doesn’t merit a GULP I don’t know what does.


It was a busy week for the Star Sports content team last week with Goodwood and Galway aligning, blogs from SDS and Davy, William’s daily previews and Simon’s daily betting trading reports all part of the Star service !

Just occasionally, content slips through the net that you don’t fully appreciate at the time.

A case in point being today when I stumbled across Simon’s #BettingPeople interview with Rocky Roberto and the bonus video of his tic-tac demonstration (below) which is superb.

I was always fascinated by the (now) lost art of tic-tac and Rocky makes it look so easy.

I can just imagine if a film director in the future wanted a historic scene with tic-tac what better online resource could there be than this ?

Optical Illusion: Exhibit 1 m’lud

The camera never lies. Well almost never lies.

There was heartbreak for supporters of Kimifive – including City AM’s racing editor and top tipster Bill Esdaile who put him up for the Stewards’ Cup in our new Zoom Room preview.

An 11/1 runner-up but what price would have you made Kimifive (number 19 nearside) based on this photo finish angle AFTER the race ?

Optical Illusion 2: Exhibit 2 m’lud

This video from Galway caught many out this week including yours truly.

I can’t even admit how many times I’ve watched it.

Simple question. Where the **** does the third horse come from?


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