BETTING ODDITIES: In it to win it?


I watched the new BBC1 drama The Syndicate last night which told the story of a group of down on their luck youngsters who scooped £27 million pounds on the lottery.

The only problem was that the shopkeeper who processed the winning ticket ‘paid’ them £500 for their winnings and then swanned off to Monte Carlo with the, er, balance.

Whilst a work of fiction, it does highlight an issue with Lottery terminals in shops. There is no customer facing display to show how much the ticket or scratchcard is worth when it’s put through the machine.

The machine emits a beep to indicate it’s a winner but only the shop staff get to see the amount. You can ask for a receipt but even this is not beyond foul play if the shop decides to stack up some £10 receipts for bigger prizes.

It’s flawed and relies on the honesty of the shop. The temptation to go crooked might be there when £27 million flashes up on the screen?


You do have to feel for the smaller owner. Even the slim pickings seem to have dried up. A class 5, three runner race at Wolverhampton on Tuesday evening was contested by horses bred by:


The trio were trained by John and Thady Gosden, Charlie Appleby and Mark Johnston and the trio were chasing a first prize purse of just £2,862.

What chance does John Smith have?


There’s no doubting that man of the moment Benoit de la Sayette is a hugely prodigious talent in the making.

Full credit to the lad for winning the Lincoln on his first ever turf ride which provided a poignant success.

He looked to be heading straight into a traffic jam but when you have THAT much horse under you it makes life just a little bit easier.

But just HOW much in hand did Haqeeqy have?

‘Group horse in a handicap’ looks spot on, for once, and that’s before you get round to mentioning a 7lb claim that now looks priceless.

I wouldn’t go rushing to back him to be champion apprentice though. It could well be quality over quantity and that claim being kept under lock and key.


X marks the spot but just remember your pen or pencil.

Another consequence of COVID about to impact on the local elections.

vsaw, slithered in the traps

Three greyhound races abandoned this week at Capalaba (Queensland, Australia – yes I had to Google) for the incredible reason of a snake being inside the traps ….


12 April is the date that UK restaurants are allowed to open up again and I’m a (generous) seller of ’15 April’ as the date that the next Ben’s Vlog Review drops into the inbox.

However, Ben has some serious opposition on his hands in the shape of Dave Portnoy’s Barstool Pizza reviews in the USA.

His modus operandi is simple. He ONLY reviews pizzas and gives them a rating out of 10 based on the tasting of the first slice. GULP.

What’s truly outstanding is the volume of traffic these reviews get. The example below has just past two million views on YouTube and that’s very much par for the course.

Anyone would think that the States is a nation of pizza lovers. Surely not?


Tweet of the week. Made me smile.


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