BETTING ODDITIES: Show us your reasoning ….

BETTING ODDITIES: In his latest weekly blog, DAVID STEWART takes a sideways look at some of the stories making the news in the betting world and beyond.


One of my pet hates is when pundits offer up a token selection for a race without any reasoning. More often than not it’s dart throwing to disguise a lack of homework or, being more charitable, a fear of being wrong. Well if you don’t want to be wrong, you can’t be right.

When a pundit comes along and makes a good case for a horse (or team) I’ll often follow them in if their case is compelling and original. And if they get it wrong, I don’t think I’ve ever after-timed being critical of their opinion.

So full props go to City AM Racing Editor Bill Esdaile for his 25/1 Derby winner Serpentine. A 25/1 winner pays plenty of bills but how satisfying to also see the project work out exactly as described.

I guess that’s why for sports punters it’s the homework and research that makes sport so compelling rather playing casino games. Mental satisfaction can be just as rewarding as monetary.

And if you didn’t catch Bill’s reasoning …… this was recorded before the race but could have also been done after it !!! Bravo Bill.

PS: What a great name for a Derby winner. Wiki says: The Serpentine takes its name from its snakelike, curving shape, although it only has one bend.


Normality is slowly returning at Stewart Towers and I’ve FINALLY got a haircut.

Exercise is next on the to-do list (please parkrun come back soon) and I need to self-exclude from the likes of Just Eat.

The range of temptation is just too much. But for me there is one very important genre of food missing.


I don’t think you can beat Greek food. Nothing gimmicky or plate smashing – just a good old fashioned taverna with kleftiko, Greek salad, fresh fish etc, etc (just hold the ouzo).

If I don’t find a good establishment soon, I may have to head to Greece. GULP.


Question: Take a close look at these four cars. What’s the difference between them?

Answer: Nothing

Well, actually around £100,000 difference between the Nissan Juke, Bentley, Porsche and Range Rover but how depressing to see all new cars looking exactly the same design wise.

What happened to originality in design? The 2020 version of Top Trumps must be SOOOOOO boring.

I’m heading back to the 60’s. Peace Man x


The bonus ball was 4 so Tim Robinson wins the FREE £25 BET WITH STAR.

Thanks to all who entered – another competition next week that can’t be Googled !!

Tim – please can you email and we’ll sort out your free bet – be lucky.


Am indebted to Tony Calvin (@tony_calvin) for spotting this priceless tweet. In 2020 anything really does go.  I’ll be hearing next that TC himself is off to the barbers…… we can then finally close the book on ‘unlikely stories from 2020’. YIKES.


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