BETTING ODDITIES: In his latest weekly blog, DAVID STEWART takes a sideways look at some of the stories making the news in the betting world and beyond.


If a race meeting was 1/3 the night before to go ahead but failed the morning inspection you wouldn’t bat much of an eyelid.

No more so than if a 1/3 football team drew or a hotpot 1/3 novice hurdler got chinned on the line.

Given that every damn aspect of Cheltenham is forensically discussed to death for months before the Festival – it’s surprising that very few people seem to want to discuss/contemplate/believe that the Festival is ONLY at 1/3 chance with to go ahead a week on Tuesday.

Judged by the lack of coverage in the trade press and racing TV stations you would think it was a 1/300 chance to go ahead but it’s not, it’s 1/3.

It’s more bemusement than a criticism. After all, coronavirus is something out of our control and even the medical experts can’t get to grips with something that is bordering on pandemic.

It might be just a case of Que Sera Sera?

But for so little discussion about a 1/3 chance seems almost spookily eerie given that it has sent the world’s stock markets into turmoil, Serie A games in Italy cancelled and Ireland’s men’s and women’s Six Nations games against Italy in Dublin postponed.

Journalistically speaking, it’s a cracker of a story: preparations, contingencies, comparison to other sporting events etc.

I’m just hoping Oblivious (GB) isn’t the biggest certainty of the 2020 Festival.


I’m very out of touch with prices and still living in the 1980’s when it comes to the prices of things. Shops always talk about ‘price points’ where it becomes too much for the consumer to tolerate.

Waterloo Station, Burger King. A Bacon King Meal at £10.59 !!!! That might just have broken my price point. Gulp.


It’ll never take off ….
It’s just a scam ….
Don’t risk investing in it ….


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