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#BettingPeople: ALAN CROWHURST

Interview: ALAN CROWHURST Alan Crowhurst is an award-winning horseracing photographer contracted to Getty Images. His life has always involved racing, his grand father was a racecourse bookmaker. In this interview Alan talks about growing up in Brighton, taking up photography, his passion for his profession, what it takes to get an award-winning ‘Crowhurst’ shot and his hopes for the future. Meeting Alan Crowhurst.

ALAN CROWHURST (part 1 of 1)

Award-winning Getty Images photographer Alan Crowhurst has been photographing horseracing since the 1980’s. Brought up in Brighton with a on-course bookmaking and father racing was in the blood. In this standalone interview he talks about his origins as a racecourse photographer, his life as one of the game’s top ‘snappers’, favourite photos and the pros and cons of his chosen profession.


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