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#BettingPeople: BO BROWN

Interview: BO BROWN Bo Brown started his career as a professional punter, became a greyhound bookie then bought into the racecourse game at the first opportunity in 1999. In this two part interview he talks about his early days, anecdotes from racecourses, do’s and dont’s for bookmakers, advice for aspiring layers and some caustic words for some of his brethren. Meeting Bo Brown.

BO BROWN (part 1 of 2)

Southampton based on-course bookmaker Bo Brown talks about his origins as a professional punter, dog bookmaker then horse racing layer buying in back in 1999. In part one he talks about the reasons some bookmakers make it pay and others fall by the wayside.

BO BROWN (part 2 of 2)

In part two, racecourse bookmaker Bo Brown talks about an issue that has split bookmakers, the way the game has gone, if he’d advise his sons to go into the ‘game’ and how and why racecourses and the industry should support racecourse bookmakers.


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