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#BettingPeople: Brad Barry

Interview: BRAD BARRY Senior odds compiler Brad plied his trade for 30 years primarily with Ladbrokes. In this four-part interview he talks about falling in love with racing and betting, starting with greyhounds, getting a job in a betting shop and professing to odds compiling, learning from scratch but mentored by some of the best. He explains the mechanics of pricing, horseracing and sports betting. He talks about why bookmakers don’t like laying arbers even when their prices are right, getting it horribly wrong to the tune of £3,000,000 and his own semi-professional punting and a whole lot more. Meet Brad Barry.

BRAD BARRY (part 1 of 4)

Brad Barry was a senior odds compiler for 30 years, in part one he talks about his start in the game, firstly at the dogs then Ascot, working in betting shops, taking a settling course, being able to settle an equally divided flag with a pencil! He also talks about the mechanics of pricing up a horse race, learning the hard way, but from the best and learning that some trainers are creatures of habit. How pricing of sports differs and more.

BRAD BARRY (part 2 of 4)

Brad continues his interview talking about pricing up sports betting events, pre-Internet and the problems of getting information to evaluate. Putting prices up and having confidence in them. He explains why bookmakers have what appears to be an irrational objection to taking bets from arbers. He also talks about how to analyse market moves and the strength of event and not having as strong an opinion on every event. He also talks about how the animosity towards fledgling exchanges led to the big firms being slow to appreciate how powerful they had become.

BRAD BARRY (part 3 of 4)

Brad answers the question that confuses many. What is a trader? How a ‘mistake’ pricing up and laying Tiger Woods at top price 6/1 cost his firm £3,000,000. Pricing up golf, seeing what others don’t see, what to look for when pricing up, how golf is a utopia for punters in the modern era. Why punters should learn to price races up themselves and how much better a punter they’ll become for it. The big reveal is how many places in golf betting is feasible for a bookmaker to lay…

BRAD BARRY (part 4 of 4)

In the final part of his interview Brad talks about ‘customer management’ ‘Trading tools’ and ‘Liability management’. Why he hated the phrases ‘We can afford to lay this’ or ‘This bet suits the book’ and the reality of Ante-Post betting. He concludes with talking about his own semi-professional punting and how a bit of inside information on how a Formula 1 bet resulted in an each-way touch and more…


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