AUTHOR: Star Sports Content

#BettingPeople: BRENDAN DUKE

Interview: BRENDAN DUKE Sarah Kinsella met up with Brendan Duke in Navan on February 17th to talk about all things racing, his days on Countdown and his trading years at Paddy Power towers. He now writes a blog for Paddy Power, records podcasts and videos with Racing Post on horse racing and is a regular racegoer and a ‘Paddock Judge’ punter. His father is a well known dual purpose trainer and he talks about his biggest success. Meet Brendan Duke.


Brendan Duke is a well know racegoer and punter. His father is a dual purpose horse racing trainer and Brendan talks to Sarah Kinsella about his biggest success winning two graded races on the same day. Brendan talks about his days as a trader for Paddy Power, his current blog for Paddy Power and his Racing Post previews. He talks about his favourite tracks, who he would bring to dinner and his time on the TV show Countdown. He also tells us about why punters should bet in the betting ring and not online.


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