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Interview CHARLES BLANNING: Charles Blanning grew up in a family who surrounded themselves with greyhounds for which he truly caught the bug. His education took him to Cambridge to study English Literature and subsequently he has written a number of books on his favourite subjects – greyhounds and racing. In this two part interview he tells us about his life in the sport, the changes he has seen and all about his latest book. Meeting Charles Blanning.

CHARLES BLANNING (part 1 of 2)

Charles Blanning has published a number of greyhound books including the ‘Greyhound and the Hare’ which received monumental acclaim. Alongside his writing, he remained heavily involved in the sport as keeper of the National Stud book and secretary of the National Coursing Club. In part 1, Charles reflects on how he has seen the sport change over the years, for better and for worse.

CHARLES BLANNING (part 2 of 2)

Charles Blanning’s latest book is called ‘Please Mister’, a detailed story of the development of the sport of greyhound racing from its inception in America in 1920. Charles speaks about some of the highlights in the book including the story behind its title, the development of the mechanical hare, how the racing greyhound itself has changed and what it was like to go racing in the White City days.


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