#BettingPeople: CHARLIE AUSTIN

Interview: CHARLIE AUSTIN Professional footballer, now with West Brom, has a passion for racing as well as football. He’s co-founder of owner’s group Excel Racing. In this three-part interview he talks about his background and love of both sports. Meeting Charlie Austin.

CHARLIE AUSTIN (part 1 of 3)

Professional footballer Charlie Austin talks about the superstar lifestyle, or not, of his job, footballers and their love of racing, how he got involved in the sport, taking his punting seriously, hod carrying as a youth, growing up in Lambourn and the realities of juggling family life as a footballer.

CHARLIE AUSTIN (part 2 of 3)

Charlie continues his interview talking about Vinnie the Hoddie, getting involved with syndicates and owning horses, having early success, setting up Excel Racing, the fun of sharing the ups (and downs) of ownership, the benefit of spreading the horses around trainers and why communication is so important.

CHARLIE AUSTIN (part 3 of 3)

In the final part of his interview, Charlie talks about buying horses then having to find syndicate owners for them making that part of the business the biggest gamble of all. He talks about winning in Turkey, why he feels young people associate horse racing with the older generation and if owning a winner is as good as scoring one?