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#BettingPeople: CLAUDE DUVAL

Interview: CLAUDE DUVAL Claude Duval owes his start in Fleet Street to his skill as an off-spin bowler. He went on to an illustrious 47 year career with The Sun, billed as ‘The Punter’s Pal’. In this series of interviews he looks back fondly on the characters and horses that have enlivened his career: Lord Oaksey, Barney Curley, John McCririck, Jenny Pitman, Shergar, Arkle, Frankel and many more get a mention. Kick back, relax and let Claude Duval regale you. Meeting Claude Duval.

CLAUDE DUVAL (part 1 of 5)

Claude Duval begins his interview talking about his career and memories 47 years at The Sun explaining how he owes cricket, not racing, to his break in journalism, he talks about his time with the Crawley Observer, the pub culture of Fleet Street, ‘Off Spin’ rather that writing skills bagging him the job and remembers his first interview, with a trainer with a formidable reputation.

CLAUDE DUVAL (part 2 of 5)

Claude talks about horse racing Press Rooms when he started, Templegate, Tom Pepper, John Rickman, the World of Sport, Peter O’Sullevan, Richard Baerlein telling his readers to ‘Bet like Men’, Julian Wilson, John Oaksey ending with a run-in with Jenny Pitman.

CLAUDE DUVAL (part 3 of 5)

Claude Duval, the punter’s pal, talks very fondly of John McCririck, the Breeders’ Cup, Cricket and Edwina Curry and Barney Curley, knowing him for a long time, having a bag chained to his wrist, birthday champagne, a tragic incident and how his halo hasn’t slipped, very far.

CLAUDE DUVAL (part 4 of 5)

Claude talks about bookmaker Barry Dennis ‘No Dogs, No Women’, champion trainer Martin Pipe, The Caterham king of the selling coup, trainer Albert Davison, David Elsworth and Paul Hanagan.

CLAUDE DUVAL (part 5 of 5)

In this final part of the punter’s pal Claude Duval’s interview, he has stories involving Cornelius Lysaght, Tom Foley, Fergus “Fergie” Sutherland, David Nicholson and more. He also talks about what has gone wrong with the game as far as press coverage goes, with mentions for The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Times, The Mirror, Express and Star!.


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