Interview: DAVE FREDERICKS Dave Fredericks has spent a lifetime in greyhound racing and seen the game from all angles; owner, kennel hand, head lad, trainer, punter and bookmaker. Health problems have, at times, forced career changes but greyhound racing is in his blood and he could never give it up, despite his doctors orders! Now a bookmaker and punter at Romford, Dave talks to Julie Collier about how the sport has changed, some of the characters he has met and some of the laughs he’s had along the way, taking on punters and being an impatient punter himself. Meeting Dave Fredericks.

DAVE FREDERICKS (part 1 of 3)

Dave Fredericks, like many Romford regulars, is excited about the ‘new look’ Coral stadium. It’s a welcome bit of positivity in a sport that Dave believes has changed immensely – and not for the better. Dave speaks about his days working in kennels and how he became a trainer competing against the best of the best.

DAVE FREDERICKS (part 2 of 3)

Heart problems caused Dave Fredericks to have to give up training greyhounds. However, against his doctors advice, he took out a bookmaking license, unable to stay away from the sport for too long. Here, Dave reveals how important personality is when standing as a bookmaker, as well as the joys of taking on big punters and how his prowess as a Romford punter has learnt him the nickname ‘The Sheriff of Romford.’

DAVE FREDERICKS (part 3 of 3)

Dave is in a good place in life now combining bookmaking with punting. He speaks about the ups and downs of bookmaking and how as a punter, he struggles to get bets on now. Dave has loved all the different roles he’s had in greyhound racing and talks about the buzz he gets now, from bookmaking. And how it’s onwards and upwards for Romford!