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#BettingPeople: DAVE PHILLIPS

Interview: DAVE PHILLIPS Dave Phillips became an on-course bookmaker in 1970, travelling to Leicester on a Monday in November to bet in the back row of the Silver Ring for the first time. 15 years later he was president of the Devon & Cornwall bookmakers Association. Dave was one of the pioneers of using a computer and printed tickets on-course in the 1990’s. He was part of the negotiations on major betting ring events, buying and selling pitches and allowing boards on rails and how the betting ring was changed for ever. He was also on the appeals committee and talks about a curious case involving parentage. Dave was present and making a book when Frankie Dettori rode his ‘Magnificent 7’ at Ascot and remembers it fondly. In addition to bookmaking, Dave and his partner Susan owned racehorses and had a winner with Martin Pipe, he became a magistrate, oh and Chairman of Torquay United Football Club. All in three parts. Meeting Dave Phillips.

DAVE PHILLIPS (part 1 of 3)

Veteran racecourse bookmaker Dave Phillips talks about getting knocked for a £750 Jackpot win in 1968 on a technicality. Getting his first pitch and being told that he could lose his tank in the first race, qualifying for pitches and the faces in the ring at the time.

DAVE PHILLIPS (part 2 of 3)

Dave remembers the first time he bet at Royal Ascot, they got three odds-on shots beaten in the first race, after it had finished! Explaining that his predecessor as Chairman of Devon and Cornwall bookmakers was retired gangster Billy Kimber. Working on appeals committees, becoming a winning owner with Martin Pipe, training point to point winners and Frankie’s Magnificent 7.

DAVE PHILLIPS (part 3 of 3)

On-course bookmaker Dave Phillips concludes his interview talking about how hard it was and still is to get bookmakers to agree, on anything, the big changes in the 1990’s including ‘boards on rails’ and ‘buying and selling’. He talks about the advent of computers on course and of course becoming a magistrate as well as chairman of his beloved Torquay United Football.

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