22 November, 2021

AUTHOR: Star Sports Content

#BettingPeople: FRANK YEO

#BettingPeople: FRANK YEO Frank Yeo is the Chairman of the Devon and Cornwall Point-To-Point secretaries. With him at the helm, the area embarked on live streaming ‘live’ point to point racing from the 2020-21 Pointing season which was largely held behind closed doors…….. Meeting Frank Yeo with Simon Nott.

FRANK YEO  (part 1 of 1)

The Devon and Cornwall Point-To-Point obtained the services of Cornelius Lysaght as presenting anchor and covered the entire season in the area. Now the Live Streaming project is upping its game at https://pointingdc.co.uk/live/?amp in an effort to bring the sport into the 21st century and showcase it to the world. Frank explains his vision and how his team aim to achieve it.


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