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#BettingPeople: GARY WILTSHIRE

Interview: GARY WILTSHIRE Gary Wiltshire is larger than life in character and stature. Born in the East End, he was around gambling from an early age. Greyhound racing was his first love, horses and many other sports soon followed and Gary had the bug. His career has had its up’s and down’s, the most famous low-point was when he layed Frankie Dettori’s seventh ride of ‘The Magnificent Seven’ to lose over £1 million. It left him in a dark place but it was also to be the making of ‘the belly from the telly.’ Meeting Gary Wiltshire.

GARY WILTSHIRE (part 1 of 4)

In part one Gary tells us about his East End up-bringing and how he got involved with gambling at a young age. He also talks about his passion for greyhound racing, his first love and how and why he thinks the sport needs to up its game.

GARY WILTSHIRE (part 2 of 4)

‘The Magnificent Seven’ as it was to become known for Frankie Dettori was a day that changed Gary Wiltshire’s life. He took the decision to lay Fujiyama Crest in the last, a decision that cost him over £1 million and left him, at times, wondering if he wanted to live or die.

GARY WILTSHIRE (part 3 of 4)

In part 3 Gary tells us how his career progressed and changed after ‘Dettori Day’ including jobs for the BBC and Sky Sports. Then, things took another turn for the worse when Gary was accused of being the ringleader of a betting coup, a turn of events that left him barely able to leave the house.

GARY WILTSHIRE (part 4 of 4)

If Gary Wiltshire’s professional career has been a rollercoaster, so has his personal life! Here he tells us how his love of gambling and work as a bookmaker, affected his life at home. Gary has also had a constant battle with his weight and resulting health issues, that finally led to him having surgery when he weighed in at 37 stone.


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