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#BettingPeople: KEVIN BLAKE

Interview: KEVIN BLAKE Kevin is a Racing broadcaster, podcaster, breeder, writer, successful punter, race-planner for Joseph O’Brien and undefeated amateur boxer. Phew! In this four-part interview he talks about his career, hot racing topics and his ambition for the future. Meeting Kevin Blake.

KEVIN BLAKE (part 1 of 4)

Broadcaster, HWPA Award nominated journalist, Breeder, Race Planner and Podcaster, Kevin Blake talks about his various roles in racing. In part one he talks about how his Dad,  buying a horse in a pub for a monkey, sparked his interest in horse racing plus he shares his opinions on the whip and the Grand National.

KEVIN BLAKE (part 2 of 4)

Kevin Blake talks about his role as race planner for Joseph O’Brien, working with Jeremy Gask previously, planning races, the form book and breeding.

KEVIN BLAKE (part 3 of 4)

Kevin talks about his (unbeaten) ‘career’ in boxing, how he believes all kids should have a go at it, the difference between UK and Irish racing and how big a percentage of UK racing he’d cut if he had a magic wand.

KEVIN BLAKE (part 4 of 4)

Kevin talks about where he’d like to be in the future, writing for At The Races and his dream job with Joseph O’Brien, the importance of being happy over the appeal of money and status. He talks about what he’d do to change racing for the better, the kick back against the gambling industry. He also covers media rights, racecourses and alternative ways to fund racing…. plus why he’d love to see an attitude change at the top of racing.


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