#BettingPeople: MARCO BLUME

#BettingPeople: MARCO BLUME Marco Blume is the director of trading at international bookmaking giant Pinnacle. In this interview he talks about his background, laying big figures to small margins and how the nature of the ‘game’ has changed since he started…… Meeting Marco Blume with Simon Nott.

MARCO BLUME  (part 1 of 3)

Marco talks about his background, risk management, the importance of ‘coding’ and explains the firms ‘‘low margins, high limits and let winning punters win’ and more.

MARCO BLUME  (part 2 of 3)

Marco explains how some successful football traders of a decade experience couldn’t tell you what team is top of the league. Who or what super-forecasters are? Pricing up anything from the next Pope, Game of Thrones, Table Tennis, Politics and eSports.

MARCO BLUME  (bonus part 3 of 3)

Marco goes into more depth on the eSports phenomenon and other markets that are surprisingly popular.