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#BettingPeople: MARK PHILLIPS

Interview: MARK PHILLIPS Mark was born into the racing game, his bookmaker father had and still has racecourse pitches all over the South and South West of England. Inspired by the lifestyles of his father’s workmen who earned on course all summer and travelled in the winter Mark started working in casinos, ultimately on cruise ships to facilitate his urge to travel. On his return he started working for fledging Internet bookmaking firms and discovered just how many shrewd punters there were out there making it pay. Prompted by his father, Mark’s career took a change when he answered an advert in the racing press to join the Jockey Club Security team including using the exchanges to ensure those up to no good ultimately got the tap on the shoulder. After moving to his wife’s native Australia, Mark set up Global Sports Integrity working to aid investigation into suspected corruption in sport. Meeting Mark Phillips.

MARK PHILLIPS (part 1 of 4)

Mark Phillips, founder of GSI ‘Global Sports Integrity’ gives an overview of what his company do. He then rewinds to his roots in Torquay, Devon, UK growing up with an on-course bookmaking father. He recalls his early days on course, watching winning punters, how backing a 66/1 winner at Royal Ascot was the worst thing that could have happened to one member of staff. He concludes talking about betting for a living and the work that goes into it.

MARK PHILLIPS (part 2 of 4)

In part two Mark talks about working in casinos on cruise ships and in London remembering some characters including one that won a restaurant in a game of cards. He then relates working for a fledgling on-line bookmaker and being surprised how many shrewd punters there were beating them day in day out.

MARK PHILLIPS (part 3 of 4)

Mark’s career working for Jockey Club Security begins, he talks about some high profile cases included that of Harry Findlay and has a tale about trying to win his wedding expenses on the Melbourne Cup and the Trifecta that never was.

MARK PHILLIPS (part 4 of 4)

Mark talks about how a tennis match was the catalyst for starting GSI. He relates a cautionary tale regarding betting for a living, how his best ever year punting on horses still ended up with him broke, how he now bets on golf in partnership and what the future holds.

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