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#BettingPeople: MARTEN JULIAN

Interview: MARTEN JULIAN Hailing from a mining village and son of a vicar Marten Julian was sent to a private school in Hove funded by an uncle who was a founding father of the NHS. University in London followed with an eye on the Church – as a vocation he studied theology. However, at some point during his degree Marten’s attention focused on Hackney Dogs as opposed to Heaven, of course some may say they were one and the same. Regular visits proved profitable as was a greyhound tipping service run while still a student. The dogs were soon usurped by horses in a quest for winners, they soon followed, the cloth was ditched for the turf and 50 years later the rest is all in the form book. As Marten explains in this five part interview, there were celebrity studded highs and crushing, debilitating, lows but he’s still on top of the game. It’s all here, in a rare and candid five part interview. Meeting Marten Julian.

MARTEN JULIAN (part 1 of 5)

In part one Marten Julian talks about growing up in a mining village before moving down to Hove for a private education funded by his uncle. His early racecourse visits to Brighton and Epsom left him in awe and admiration for Lester Piggott. He talks about successfully ‘tipping’ (a word he hates) greyhounds to the public when still at university, moving onto horses and then finding a friend in Brough Scott when getting a leg-up into racing journalism.

MARTEN JULIAN (part 2 of 5)

Marten continues his interview talking about some colourful ‘tipping’ characters, George Mould, Tim Hoskins and Avon Racing to name but a few. He relates setting up Professional Sporting Bureau, writing his Dark Horses annuals, studying theology, writing his ‘Warm Up’ column for the Sunday Times and how betting and advising are two different jobs.

MARTEN JULIAN (part 3 of 5)

Marten talks about his tussle with the Jockey Club, been largely shunned in the Press Room, excessive fun with comedian Mel Smith, working with Mick Channon, jockey’s agent to Declan Murphy (recommended for the job by Barney Curley), an excellent Barney versus the rails bookies story, why Barney should be everyone’s racing hero and the balance between being focused and insanity.

MARTEN JULIAN (part 4 of 5)

Marten talks very candidly about his mental health, coping with and ultimately learning to embrace depression during the depths of which he became a patient at The Priory.

MARTEN JULIAN (part 5 of 5)

Marten concludes his interview by explaining how he has stayed ahead of the game for 50 years and why he enjoys the ‘pain’ of failure as well as success.


Professional horse racing analyst Marten Julian’s other passion is music, in this bonus clip he laments two missed opportunities with huge stars of the pop world. The message is, don’t miss your chances in racing either.


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