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#BettingPeople: MIKE O’NEIL

Interview MIKE O’NEIL: Mike had spent his working life in computing developing software. He sold his last company he was in his mid-40’s and turned his attention to betting. Despite having little previous interest he was spurred on by negative people telling him that writing a program to win gambling couldn’t be done. 13 years later he’d perfected Race Stats App, software that spots patterns pointing to potential winners using Betfair SP. In this series of three interviews he explains his idea, inspiration and the thinking behind – Meeting Mike O’Neil.

MIKE O’NEIL (part 1 of 3)

Mike O’Neil has spent 13 developing ‘Race Stats App’. After selling his last software company aged 45 he decided to turn his attention to horseracing. He first started using Betfair laying ‘As you never see a poor bookie’, when that didn’t prove as easy as anticipated he moved on. After five years of studying form he found it to be a waste of time as far as a base for an algorithm. What he discovered next when looking at odds became the basis for Race Stats App. His drive came from wanting to prove negative people wrong.

MIKE O’NEIL (part 2 of 3)

In part two Mike talks about proving that the impossible is possible, how data is, contrary to common belief, hard not easy to analyse. He highlights how people with patience are those that profit using Race Stats App. He talks about how the BSP plays a vital role and the differences between UK and Australian markets.

MIKE O’NEIL (part 3 of 3)

In the final part of his interview, the creator of Race Stats App talks about odds shortening and odds lengthening, the practicalities of using his system that has created at least five full-time backers since its inception. He warns that potential users need to put the hours in to get the rewards out and how they deal with the risk of too many users coming to the same conclusion. He talks about the potential of bots and the drawback of living in paradise!



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