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Interview: NATALIE HINKLEY: Natalie has no racing background let alone bookmaking roots. For whatever reason, she can’t really recall, she decided to enter the fiercely male dominated world of Australian racecourse bookmaking. In two parts, Natalie talks about the game down under, the dog eat dog nature of the betting ring where all hostilities are temporarily halted after racing when beers are shared. She talks about minimum bet laws, professional punters at the races, tucking up other bookies and more … Meeting Natalie Hinkley with Simon Nott.

NATALIE HINKLEY (part 1 of 2)

Racecourse bookmaker Natalie Hinkley describes how she decided to become a racecourse bookmaker at the age of 18 with no bookmaker or even racing background in her family. She talks about the Australian on-course bookmaking scene and its challenges.

NATALIE HINKLEY (part 2 of 2)

Natalie discusses professional punters, taking on live stable money, the minimum bet rules, her own personal betting and how on-course bookmakers bet to tiny margins in order to ‘stick it up’ each other but all enjoy a beer and socialising after racing.

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