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#BettingPeople: ROB WATERHOUSE

Interview: ROB WATERHOUSE Rob Waterhouse is the third generation of an Australian bookmaking dynasty. His grandfather Charles Hercules Waterhouse began making an on course book in 1897. Rob bet under his own name from the age of 18 soon taking on the high staking professional punters of the time. His career was brought to a halt when warned off for his part as a commission agent in the Fine Cotton ringer affair. This setback sent him on the path of professional punting where he had huge success. Things went full circle when he was allowed to start making a book on course again in 2001. Married to champion trainer Gai Waterhouse, Rob is a household name back home in Australia. In this three part interview he not only talks about his life but imparts some invaluable advice for punters and bookmakers alike. Meeting Rob Waterhouse.

ROB WATERHOUSE (part 1 of 3)

In part one, legendary Rob Waterhouse, 3rd in a four generation dynasty of bookmakers, talks about learning his trade from father Bill, meeting Timeform genius Phil Bull, pricing races, spotting the chinks in pro-punters armour and having his fully priced card marked.

ROB WATERHOUSE (part 2 of 3)

Rob Waterhouse a formbook ‘genius’ talks about his skill at translating it, John Banks, how Fine Cotton put an end to his bookmaking career for 14 years, he talks about embarking on pro-punting for a living, capitalising on exotic bets, returning to the betting ring and the difference between winners and losers.

ROB WATERHOUSE (part 3 of 3)

In this final part, Rob talks about being married to top trainer Gai, how he speed maps out how he thinks big races will go, breeding and the stud book being an extension of form, his venture into on-line betting, the on-course game, if he’d like to be starting out again and anything he’d change about his career.


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