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#BettingPeople: SAM TURNER

Interview: SAM TURNER Sam Turner is Robin Goodfellow of the Daily Mail, pundit, broadcaster, punter, tipster and up until recently Megan Nicholls’ agent. In this interview he talks about all that and a whole lot more including a mentor that won a million quid over two race meetings, speed figures and Wolverhampton Wanderers. Meeting Sam Turner.

SAM TURNER (part 1 of 4)

Sam Turner, Robin Goodfellow of The Daily Mail, one time jockey’s agent, tipster, punter, journalist, broadcaster and pundit talks about the beginnings of his career and how a 50p winning bet was the catalyst to a lifetime and betting. Things looked to be going well writing for The Sportsman…

SAM TURNER (part 2 of 4)

In part 2 Sam Turner explains how he fell on his feet writing for the Daily Mail after the collapse of The Sportsman, enter Robin Goodfellow. He talks about the pressure of being a tipster and how seriously he takes his job trying to find winners for his readers. He talks about his collaboration with Andy Holding and Andy Bate getting their heads together producing speed figures and answers the question as to why they share them. He also goes into how to look at a race when using the figures and points out they throw up big priced winners. He also laments that too much racing makes deep form study impossible for all events.

SAM TURNER (part 3 of 4)

In part 3 Sam Turner talks about his mentor which turns out to be the same as previous interviewees, someone that has won £500,000 during an afternoon at Hereford. Sam talks about where he starts when sitting down to tackle the day’s racing. The highs and lows of keeping your head in the form book all day. He talks about his success as a punter and how finding your mental level you are comfortable with when betting and why bank management is so important. How the proliferation of racing makes missing a winner, especially a short one, less painful.

SAM TURNER (part 4 of 4)

In the fourth and final part of his interview Sam Turner, Robin Goodfellow of the Daily Mail, talks about his brief career as a jockey agent for Megan Nicholls, getting more pleasure from tipping a 10/1 winner than backing one. Working with another ‘Midlands Maestro’ Jon Babb, being involved with Shropshire Wolves and concludes with some crucial advice for punters wishing to be successful in the world of horse race betting.

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