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#BettingPeople: Will Biddick

Interview: WILL BIDDICK Will is the winning most point to point rider in history and still racking up the tally showing no sign of stopping. In this three part interview he talks about his background in Cornwall, his love for what he does and what drives him. In part three he is joined by his wife Harriet, herself an international show jumper. They talk about their business of breaking, pre-training and training. Meeting Will & Harriet Biddick.

At the time of the interview there was an opportunity for yard sponsorship. Interested parties should contact Will & Harriet via

WILL BIDDICK (part 1 of 3)

In part one, the winningmost point to point jockey ever, Will Biddick talks about his early days growing up in Cornwall, honing his riding skills out hunting, his first ride in a race, learning more working with Venetia Williams, Richard Barber and winning in Ireland and at Cheltenham.

WILL BIDDICK (part 2 of 3)

Will Biddick continues his interview talking about the value of Hunter Chases, inexperienced jockeys, pony racing, memorable races in the worst conditions and more.


Will’s wife Harriet joins him for his third and final part of his interview. They talk about their business of pre-training and breaking young horses, explaining what the process entails. Will talks about training point to pointers and Harriet tells us about her upbringing with horses and career as an international show jumper. They discuss their ambitions for the future, bad news for any young riders wishing to eclipse Will’s record!


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