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Boohh to the Lion King and the EU

Okay, Blog, I’m going to get controversial this morning…  I went to the ‘Lion King’ musical last night…and…well…I’m sorry…I just thought it was cack.

It appeared, clearly to me, to be one of those stage productions that has fed off the fact it was a huge Disney film.  And because of this; lots of once a year day-trippers to the theatre, who don’t want to gamble on something they don’t know, plump for it when choosing what to see.

Okay, okay, the stage was good.  But aren’t so many West End theatres these days (Chariots of Fire)?  Alright, the animals were imaginative and well produced.  The horse in War Horse is far better though, isn’t he?  And the music; well, it just wasn’t up to it; not strong enough, by half, and the same can be said about the story-line.  I have to be honest and say that I thought it was a jumped up sixth-form-college end of termer, with no outstanding performers to single out.  At £86 a ticket; it’s gotta be really good, hasn’t it, guys?  Much better value to be had at: Cabaret, Billy (obviously), Mamma Mia, and War Horse.

So who wants to join the Euro this week?  Where are all of the carers and sharers today, wanting to carry some idle and backward, continental drong?  Form an orderly queue, please, and whilst you’re at it, if you can kindly hand over 10% of your life-savings and bank deposits.  Don’t worry, you actually don’t need to hand it over now, they’ll just take it.  What on earth is happening in Cyprus..?!  The government have declared overnight that between 6% and 10% of ALL bank deposits are being frozen and taken out to pay off the country’s national debts.

Look, I know it’s often frustrating getting things done when doing business in England; The builders are all muleish, there’s a queue in the bank with a hundred forms to fill out, and the staff have got more ‘raahts’ than a guilty terrorist.  BUT, I just advise you to go abroad and try out a basic and small business project.  They’re barbarians.  Right from the solicitors up.  The goal-posts are changed the whole time, if you’re English they all think you’re a trillionaire to be taken on at every opportunity, and as for time keeping; they may as well just say that they’ll turn up when it’s either light or dark.

It’s Sunday morning.  My memory is failing me a little.  Who was it who predicted all of this nonsense?  Who was it who made all the money that we’ve so enjoyed gently pissing away in the last twenty years?  If all the weak of character, and unlucky and sorreeeyyyy faces, can look this way, please, and enjoy a bit of class on the YouTube box…

Long live the Pound!!  Ben x