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Champions League Final

Borussia Dortmund v Bayern Munich
TIME: 7.45pm

There should be a terrific atmosphere at Wembley tonight for the Champions League Final between old rivals Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich.

The two finished first and second in their domestic Bundesliga but in truth daylight was second to Bayern Munich as they romped home by 25 points, with a record end of season tally of 91 points, which explains why they are odds-on to lift the trophy in 90 minutes with Star Sports.

We’d probably go along with Bayern if it wasn’t for two things:

(1) Dortmund have a surprisingly good record against their rivals. Just check out the last 10 head to heads.

04 May 2013 League, B Dortmund 1 – 1 B Munich
27 Feb 2013 German Cup, B Munich 1 – 0 B Dortmund
01 Dec 2012 League, B Munich 1 – 1 B Dortmund
12 Aug 2012 Super Cup, B Munich 2 – 1 B Dortmund
12 May 2012 German Cup, (Neutral) B Dortmund 5 – 2 B Munich
11 Apr 2012 League, B Dortmund 1 – 0 B Munich
19 Nov 2011 League, B Munich 0 – 1 B Dortmund
26 Feb 2011League, B Munich 1 – 3 B Dortmund
03 Oct 2010 League, B Dortmund 2 – 0 B Munich
13 Feb 2010 League, B Munich 3 – 1 B Dortmund

So, only 3 Bayern wins from 10 – are you still keen to take the odds-on ?

(2) It’s a horrible cliché but Dortmund’s performance in this competition so far is as if their name is ‘already on the cup’.

Dortmund are without Mario Gotze tonight which clearly is a negative but they will no doubt play their usual spirited attacking football.

We can easily see a draw after 90 minutes – but then we also got the two horse wrong at Goodwood yesterday.

I will also refer you to my learned colleagues Luke Tarr and Liam Kirk for their video preview on the match.

(stake between 0.5 and 10 points)
5 points DRAW Borussia Dortmund v Bayern Munich

(-5 points Friday)

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