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Chelsea v Man U

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STAR EVENT: Chelsea v Man U
COMPETITION: FA Cup (Quarter Final Replay)
TIME: 12.30pm

It was Eliza Doolitte in My Fair Lady who complained about ‘words’. Well substitute ‘words’ for ‘goals’ and it sums up the Chelsea v Man U fixture perfectly.

Goals! Goals! I’m so sick of goals!
I get goals all day through;
First from him, now from you! Is that all you blighters can do?

You see this fixture over the years brings goals galore. Just look back at the last 13 head to head records – 50, I repeat 50 goals over the 13 games – average of 3.8 per game and only twice failing to hit the 2.5 level.

Think it’s going to be low scoring today…… APRIL FOOL. It’s hard to see anything but another goalfest.

But first, those stats…..

10 Mar 2013 FA Cup Man Utd 2 – 2 Chelsea
31 Oct 2012 Capital One Cup Chelsea 5 – 4 Man Utd
28 Oct 2012 Premier Chelsea 2 – 3 Man Utd
5 Feb 2012 Premier Chelsea 3 – 3 Man Utd
18 Sep 2011 Premier Man Utd 3 – 1 Chelsea
8 May 2011 Premier League Man Utd 2 – 1 Chelsea
12 Apr 2011 Champions League Man Utd 2 – 1 Chelsea
6 Apr 2011 Champions League Chelsea 0 – 1 Man Utd
1 Mar 2011 Premier League Chelsea 2 – 1 Man Utd
8 Aug 2010 Community Shield Chelsea 1 – 3 Man Utd
3 Apr 2010 Premier League Man Utd 1 – 2 Chelsea
8 Nov 2009 Premier League Chelsea 1 – 0 Man Utd
9 Aug 2009 Community Shield Chelsea 2 – 2 Man Utd

There’s a lot at stake – but interestingly not in a cagey Champions League first leg type way. Both teams can afford to, and are likely to throw caution to the wind and go for it. So counter attack opportunities will open up and the Star Sports odds compilers will be busy in play.

Man U have the Premier League sealed so can play relaxed football. Chelsea are the current holders and how dearly ‘interim’ Benitez would like to leave the Bridge with an FA Cup win to his name.

Over 2.5 goals, oh yes
Both teams to score. indeed.