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DAVY RUSSELL: The Perfect Day

Star Sports brand ambassador DAVY RUSSELL has just touched down back in Ireland. It may take him longer than his flight to touch down though after an incredible day at Aintree – winning back to back Randox Health Grand Nationals on the legend that is Tiger Roll.

Late on Saturday evening – Davy recalls a day he’ll never forget.

It’s been an extraordinary day.

I cannot quite believe it has happened. Tiger Roll is some horse. It hasn’t quite sunk in yet what he has achieved. To win one Grand National was special. To win another one on the same horse is beyond my wildest dreams. People are now starting to mention him in the same breath as Red Rum and that’s just frightening. He’s just a remarkable little horse who keeps re-writing the record books. Let’s just live in the present and enjoy the moment. There is going to be one hell of a party in Summerhill.

At home here in Ireland I cannot tell you how many people this will touch and what it will have done in the communities. The taxi drivers, bakers, grocers and all sorts will be raising a glass to Tiger Roll tonight and that’s the beauty of it all. I know Star Sports and other bookies will have taken a hit, but I cannot say I’m sorry and I cannot wipe the smile off my face.

As for the race itself, If I’m honest I thought the blinkers had lit him up too much in the early stages, but he just has so much stamina and just keeps running and running and running… there is the touch of Forest Gump about him! He is also so clever at his fences and every time he got in too close to one, he was perfect at the next. I said it immediately after the race, but the Cross Country Chases at Cheltenham have taught him to be more nimble on his feet.

As for that feeling we got when we crossed the line… I will never forget that. I love Liverpool and I hope they realise what they have. They have the most spectacular sporting event that touches every corner of the world. And, I mean the world.

I am just so happy to have been involved in it and am so very grateful to Michael, Anita and Eddie (O’Leary) for allowing to ride a horse like him. As for Gordon (Elliott), the man is a genius. What a training performance.

In my blog earlier in the week, I mentioned that after my wife Edelle travelled over to Cheltenham for Gold Cup Day, we decided not to make that mistake again!

She’s at home with my kids and I cannot wait to see them all. It won’t be until after Fairyhouse tomorrow now, but I’m so excited. My son Finn is only three and has watched two Grand Nationals now… he thinks it’s easy and Tiger Roll just wins every time!

I did manage to speak to my daughter Jaimee on the phone though and that was special. All of them are a huge part of my life. They may not have been with me physically today, but were with me every step of the way.

Thanks for all the support and messages of congratulation.



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