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Facebookers, get a grip!

Blog, I think we need to talk about ‘Facebookers’.

Everywhere I go, in my warped world, I seem to be continually coming across people taking photos, of absolutely everything they do, even the most banal moments, for their Facebook pages. Reality television seems to have swept the country, and taken such a hold, that now, unless you’ve made yourself a bit of a Facebook celeb, you’re practically a social outcast.

The main thing I’ve noticed, is that they actually spend so much time taking photos of themselves, in an effort to outdo the lives of their ‘friends’, they are obscured from enjoying the activity they are pretending to be doing in the first place.

Blog, do you remember the Bill Clinton controversy surrounding him smoking marijuana as a student, and how he then, incredibly, got out of it by saying he ‘didn’t inhale’? Well, the Facebookers in the office became so preoccupied by updating their profiles all day, to tell each other they were going for a dump or eating a sandwich, that they were unable to carry out that annoyance called work. Myself and Gareth Woodentop, in the face of a union backlash, had to thus ban The Staff visiting the heinous website. I would then wander around the office, making an innocent face, but secretly acting as the Facebook Police, and carry out spot-checks in order to expose defiant offenders. When looking along the top of peoples ‘tool-bars’ on their computers, should I spot that somebody was trying to conceal their crime by looking at another site, but they actually had a tab open for Facebook, I would pounce and cry out, in delight, to the office, ‘Lukey, Facebook on or off, for you?!?!’.

The Staff were ready and armed with excuses though, Blog! (Probably sourced from their Peninsula ‘uman raahts ‘andbooks!). And would instinctively shout back ‘No, no!’ and then fill me up with a convenient story that they were waiting for an important work related message or exchanging some irrelevant horse-racing information that had already been in the public domain for hours.

Blog, I can’t win, The Staff have got all the moves!

Facebookers, get a grip, and get on with your lives!!

Over and out, B x