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GLORIOUS GOODWOOD Day 2: Tales From The Ring

GLORIOUS GOODWOOD WEDNESDAY: Simon Nott is on the Sussex Downs this week reporting on the action in the betting ring and the big bets laid at It finished 1-0 to the backers on Tuesday. Could the results turn in favour of the books on Wednesday?

1:50 Matchbook Betting Podcast Goodwood Handicap

Wounds licked from yesterday’s drubbing (ours in a local Mexican foot outlet and Ben’s at Brasserie Zédel in Soho!) the firm were ready to try and get some back from yesterday. The crowd definitely looked up but sadly it didn’t translate into improved business in the opener.

The 11/4 favourite Lil Rockerfeller won by an impressive 15 lengths, made all and gave the bookies no hope whatsoever. Badwood continued for those plying their trade in the betting, favourite-backers on the other hand kicked Wednesday off nicely. Field money on the rails pitch was disappointing but then news came from the Tatts pitch that they’d laid a £6000 – £2000 the winner. That was a blow after thinking we’d half ducked a bad losing jolly.

2:25 Move Over To Matchbook Handicap

Betting was even lighter for the rails pitch in the next. Lofty was getting proper grumpy, as they were off Lofty was too, off to the gents he grumbling something about ‘buttons’ ‘not worth watching’ and ‘I hope the favourite wins’. Maybe he should do that more often as 20/1 Soto Sizzler provided the ring with a result it so desperately needed. Not everyone was moaning about business either, Gordon betting next door reported business had been a bit better.

3:00 Markel Insurance Molecomb Stakes (Group 3)

It was all about Soldier’s Call in the next. Compounded in the betting from 15/8 into 6/4 under the pure weight of public support, the biggest bet with us was £600 but with plenty of smaller bets to top it up. With the book looking very lopsided Rumble Inthejungle was given a tug, a punter came in with £1100-£200 late on. It was mission accomplished getting it in the book but one regretted with hindsight watching it win, the jolly back in third.

3:35 Qatar Sussex Stakes (Group 1) (British Champions Series)

The sun was taking its toll on poor old Lofty as the firm got to work betting on the feature race. Combated with liberal factor 30.

The race was the best betting heat of the day so far, by far. There were plenty of horses laid but plenty of 15/8 and 7/4 laid about Without Parole. At the off the favourite was the only loser in the book, a bad one too, but with so many other horses backed it was felt there was a chance to get it beaten. Lightning Spear, winning at 9/1, was a fantastic result, as Lofty said ‘The first real result in a good betting race of the meeting so far.’

4:10 Victoria Racing Club Maiden Fillies’ Stakes (Plus 10)

Well Lofty, the real result was on the horizon. Matched for £125 (real money, or £249 as they like to report) at 1000 on the exchanges, Feel Glorious winning at 125/1 had people searching for any possible glimmer of form that might have made it backable. We laid £3 each-way at 125/1, the form gurus finally came up with the reason someone might have parted with £6. Eureka! It’s the name that did it, Feel Glorious, of course! I doubt there have been many bigger priced winners at Glorious Goodwood. A dream result for the Turf Club 2016 syndicate and trainer George Baker. Bookies were enjoying themselves too, a whole ensemble of them doing genuine ‘skinner walks’ having surreptitious looks into each other’s computers to see who got most. Once the dust had settled field money hadn’t been huge but to win the vast majority of it most welcome. Was the pendulum swinging our way?

4:45 EBF Breeders’ Series Fillies’ Handicap

Yes it was !! Caravela winning at 11/1 was another terrific result. The Tattersalls pitch actually performed better than the rails, the punters staking higher in the Gordon than in the better-heeled Richmond Enclosure. The books were now on a roll but the unknown quantity of the Pure Bred Arabian race slotted into the card threatened to take the wind out of the day’s sails. A lot of punters had said they’d leave after the 6th.

5.15 Arab Race – Qatar International Stakes (Group 1 PA)

There was a little interest in the race but the total field money on both pitches combined wouldn’t have totalled a notable bet. It seemed a lot of punters had decided to enjoy the facilities instead of having a wager.

The race does give a splash of variety and is of course a showcase for the the sponsor’s interests but as a betting heat it was a poor event. Muraaqib was 5/2 with us, won the £200,000 first prize money and got the firm a couple of hundred quid. On to the lucky last.

5:55 Goodwood Racehorse Owners Group Handicap

As feared, it seemed that a lot of people had either gone home or settled down elsewhere. For whatever reason Betting was tepid in the lucky last. However, you never know what is going to come off the floor. We didn’t expect a £6000 – £1000 Vale Of Kent that’s for sure. It was going to make the last race interesting especially as the rest of the field money in the race didn’t total that bet. My oft-quoted now dearly departed first boss Jack Lynn always used to chastise bookmakers that ‘had one losing more than they’d taken’ I don’t know what he’d had said about this one horse book but I bet it would have been sweary.

We got away with it but they took an awfully long time to get past him. When I say ‘they’ only the 7/1 winner Medahim did by just a neck. It was a winner in our book of course, with just the one loser. It appeared one group of lads had it spark bang off over the winner. Their raucous celebrations turned the heads of many a seasoned rails bookie. That’s what it’s all about, passion. Shame I’m not able to film events like that. Oh well, it’s turned for us, we’ll be back tomorrow and on the front foot.

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