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Greyhound Derby – LIVE BLOG 3rd round

STAR SPORTS GREYHOUND DERBY: Simon Nott on track with all the latest news and pics from round 3.

BEN AND LOFTY preview the racing tonight …

You couldn’t ask for a more glorious evening for the third round of the Star Sports sponsored English Greyhound Derby …

Hot night and greyhound welfare at the forefront …

Ben grilled by Matt Chapman live on Sky …

We laid £2,000 at 6/4 Carn Brea and got it beaten in heat 1 first blood to Star Sports. The winners were pretty happy too…

Bruisers Bullet proved to be just that in heat 2 but the big punters didn’t fill us in. We gave some back but we’re still in front …

The 10/11 jolly Droopys Buick won heat 3 but we took late money was for Cloran Paddy including a £3,500 – £1,000 Lofty can afford a smile, bullet dodged!

We were wrist against 5/4 Jaytee Jet and 7/4 College Paradise in heat 4 but laid a £5000-£1000 Swithins Brae Trap 1 late and wiped out the night’s profit when it duly won the race …

Ben was determined to take Clares Rocket on in heat 5, took a grand at 7/4 and left it there.

Then we laid £5,000 – £1,000 T6 Fweshfromthesesh.

After the disaster Ben asked floor man Tom for a show, his joke reply ‘What do you want Tom Jones or Frank Sinatra’? was not best timed!

Ben was desperate to get Tyrur Shay into the book but was then landed with a £5,000-£2,000 Ballymac Matt.

The 5/4 favourite Tyrur Shay did it the hard way but won nicely. The punters left us out so it was a winning race. Not great for the ante-post book though.

There were only five runners in heat 7 Hiya Butt was the 5/4 out to 6/4 favourite but we took five monkeys T4 Cable Bay and they continued to lump on into 3/1 at the off. Trap 2 Danzey Exception did us a favour winning and that despite clerk Lofty shouting ‘The bogie has won it’ all through the race!

The last heat started with a bet of £6.000 – £3,000 Coolavanny Mason then £1,500 at 11/4 The Other Reg. Coolavanny just held on, the book lost over £2k, but what a night.

I had the honour of presenting the trophies to some of the winning owners. Some of them were shaking more than their dogs. Greyhound people have such passion. Fantastic stuff, it’s the quarter finals on Tuesday.


1st Quarter Final

1.Clares Rocket
2.Astute Missile
3.B Bullet
4.Ballinakil Clare
5.Shaneboy Freddie

2nd Quarter Final

1.Droopys Buick
2.Cfield Hugo
3.Carn Brea
4.Newinn Blitz
5.Swithins Brae
6.Forest Con

3rd Quarter Final

1.Danzey Exception
2.Cable Bay
3.Droopys Acrobat
4.Pacey Bambi
5.Sallows Ford
6.Murrys Act

4th Quarter Final

1.Hiya Butt
2.Coolavanny Mason
3.Airport Jumbo
4.Slaheny King
5.Tyrur Shay
6.Jaytee Jet

Lofty wraps up the third round …