#GreyhoundDerby2020 Kennel Visit: Tom Heilbron

KENNEL VISIT: Tom Heilbron is one of the most ambitious trainers around, keen to get top quality dogs into his kennel. With the Star Sports Derby just seven weeks away, he’s managed to do just that. He has a team of two that includes a short priced contender.

Tom tells us about the changes that have taken place at his kennel over the last few months as well as where and why his ambition to train great dogs started. He also talks about what the Star Sports Derby means to him as he is set to enter dogs, as a trainer, for the first time.

Ballymac Inspeed:
Ballymac Inspeed was set to compete in the Irish Derby before a minor injury niggle saw his owner decide to concentrate all efforts on the Star Sports Derby. He’s a dog that has competed and won at the highest level in Ireland. Now as short as 12/1 for the Star Sports Derby, here Tom tells us how excited he is to be heading to Nottingham with this May 2018 star.

Ardralla Jim:
Ardralla Jim is potentially a dog for next year but, if he comes forward the way Tom thinks he might, he could well be one to watch in the coming weeks. He will be turning two when the Star Sports Derby starts. With a bit of experience under his belt between now and October, he could be a contender.

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