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Hard to see a winner so draw beckons


Norwich v Coventry

Premier League
5.30pm LIVE ON SKY


A nice win with Coventry (-1) last night – especially as the bet looked dead when AFC Wimbledon took the lead.

In the teatime Premier League match Norwich, who were ‘seven upped’ by Man City last weekend, will be looking towards steadying their precarious ship at home to West Ham in the 5.30pm kick off which is live on SKY.

Indeed the Norwich manager Chris Hughton has been the focus of considerable attention ahead of this fixture, which is being billed by some as a match the Canaries must win if the personable former Birmingham boss is to keep his job.

It’s a match which has traditionally seen it’s fare share of drawn games over the years (six from the last 10):

Jan 2013 Premier West Ham 2-1 Norwich
Sep 2012 Premier Norwich 0-0 West Ham
Jan 2006 FA Cup Norwich 1-2 West Ham
Jan 2005 FA Cup West Ham 1-0 Norwich
Feb 2004 Div 1 Norwich 1-1 West Ham
Oct 2003 Div 1 West Ham 1-1 Norwich
Mar 1995 Premier West Ham 2-2 Norwich
Aug 1994 Premier Norwich 1-0 West Ham
Jan 1994 Premier West Ham 3-3 Norwich
Oct 1993 Premier Norwich 0-0 West Ham

Only Crystal Palace (21) have conceded more goals than Norwich (20) so far this season but West Ham are finding it tough to score.

Norwich have scored just six times in the Premier League so far and West Ham eight.

(stake between 0.5 and 10 points)
5 points DRAW at around 12/5


A one-ton research satellite will crash to Earth on Sunday night or Monday – but scientists do not know exactly where it will land.

The European Space Agency (ESA) says its 1,100kg (2,425lbs) structure has already fallen to an altitude of around 100 miles and is spiralling steadily downwards.

Once it reaches 50 miles above the Earth, the GOCE (Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer) satellite will break apart and much of it will burn-up in the atmosphere, scientists say.

However, several dozen fragments totalling around 200kg (440lbs), or about the weight of a car engine, will hit the surface, though it is not thought it will cause any casualties.

Humans are 250,000 times more likely to win the lottery than to get hit by it, experts add.