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Interview: JEREMY CHAPMAN Jeremy started his working life as writer but then found his niche not only as a scribe but as a golfing expert when betting on the sport was still in its infancy. In this series of interviews Jeremy not only tells his fascinating story with some excellent tales along the way including in boxing and racing but also gives us some golfing stars in waiting to look out for and how to spot good and bad signs ‘in running’. A series of three interviews.

JEREMY CHAPMAN (part 1 of 3)

Golf tipping legend and sports writer Jeremy Chapman talks about his early days as a cub reporter, moving on to the nationals and how a letter got him a job at The Sketch. He talks about the secret to successful golf tipping and some stars of the future to look out for.

JEREMY CHAPMAN (part 2 of 3)

Golf tipping legend Jeremy has a host of tales to tell from the golf, racing and boxing arenas, these include the two rudest professional golfers, getting the nod for a Joe Bugner bet, how a golfing chat led to backing an 100/1 Derby winner and playing Monopoly with Muhammad Ali.

JEREMY CHAPMAN (part 3 of 3)

In this interview Jeremy talks about his love of writing and old-fashioned hot-metal editing, his friendship with Bernhard Langer in his early years as a golfer. He talks his favourite golfing memories and successful bets including Ernie Els silencing his critics. How a critical eye is essential when beating bookmakers, spotting a loser in-running as well as talking his personal battles.


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