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Interview: JOHN HENWOOD ‘Henwood’s Half Hour’

Interview: JOHN HENWOOD John Henwood started life living in the London’s slums, started going racing with the only person he knew that owned a car and became fascinated by bookies with their nice shoes and ready cash. He started making a book at school then professed via William Hill and and a gangster named Danny to owning his own shops. He started bookmaking at flapping dog tracks and point to points before eventually doing battle on the rails at premier racecourses taking bets from the likes of Barney Curley. Hear his story.

JOHN HENWOOD (part 1 of 4)

In this the first part of our new series with John Henwood we hear his story, rising from the slums of Notting Hill (how times have changed) to the world of gambling. He started out, as so many did, as a school bookie, worked for William Hill then a colourful bookmaking character named Danny Quastel. From there he owned betting shops and dipped his toe into betting at the shark-infested waters of flapping greyhound tracks and point to points with some scrapes along the way.

JOHN HENWOOD (part 2 of 4)

In part two John remembers bookies and events from point to points, Going to ‘bookie school’ and learning to clerk and tictac, his first meeting with a flamboyantly dressed bookie’s workman named John McCririck. He tells of getting allocated pitches which weren’t exactly top notch, learning to bet with no money and living by the seat of his pants ‘snowballing’ plus flying high with Willie Carson!

JOHN HENWOOD (part 3 of 4)

In part 3 rails bookmaker John talks about going into owning and breeding, taking on the likes of Barney Curley on the rails, the perils of giving credit to punters and explains the reasoning behind his strong views on banning the whip in horse racing.

JOHN HENWOOD (part 4 of 4)

Rails bookmaker John Henwood talks about the bookmakers he respected in the past and relates some good days that he had. He also talks about how the on-course bookmaking industry has changed in recent years.

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