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Interview: PAUL GOLD

Interview: PAUL GOLD Paul Gold has spent his working life in the bookmaking industry. He made his money opening a string of betting shops and survived two £100k hits, care of Frankie’s Magnificent 7. When the opportunity arose to buy into the on-course game he did so under the ‘Pickwick’ banner, one of the few survivors of the early ‘buy-ins’ to the betting ring. Two decades later he’s still prolific in the ring – now part of the ‘Pickwick-Bevan’ organisation. In this three-part interview Paul talks about his life journey in bookmaking. Meeting Paul Gold.

PAUL GOLD (part 1 of 3)

Racecourse bookmaker Paul Gold talks about his business on-course, does he restrict punters on course? He talks about his early days in betting shops and living by the seat of their pants. He gives a few trade secrets, bets he likes to take and bets he doesn’t. We also heat about him deciding to dive in to the on-course market back in 1999 which was a better option that dealing with dishonest and moaning staff in the shops.

PAUL GOLD (part 2 of 3)

In part 2 of our interview with Paul Gold he talks about working as a racecourse bookmaker for the first time, learning the hard way in Silver Rings and White City Dogs and how life is for a racecourse bookmaker these days. Do bookmakers ‘green up’? He gives his advice to budding bookmakers and doing his cobblers on Frankie’s Magnificent 7.

PAUL GOLD (part 3 of 3)

In part 3 Paul Gold talks about getting it back from the punters after doing plenty on Frankie’s Magnificent 7 and a query on a £10,000 double with Stephen Little and the future of the betting ring.


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