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Interview: STEPHEN POWER (The Racing Blogger)

Interview: STEPHEN POWER (The Racing Blogger) Arguably one of the most divisive characters in racing over the last couple of years has been Stephen Power, aka the self-proclaimed ‘Racing Blogger’. Stephen rose from total obscurity to gracing the pages of the Racing Post and amassing over 17,000 followers on twitter in rapid time. His rise hasn’t been without controversy, his super-confident style has attracted,at times, a vicious backlash from some quarters on social media as well as having his account temporarily suspended. Despite the setbacks he’s marching on undaunted, in his own words, meet the Racing Blogger.

STEPHEN POWER (The Racing Blogger) (part 1 of 4)

In part 1 Stephen Power, aka The Racing Blogger, talks about his meteoric rise to full page Racing Post news from a lonely trip to Kempton. He also talks his early life in Ireland and the Grandmother that inspired him as well as the backlash from Twitter trolls and how he felt.

STEPHEN POWER (The Racing Blogger) (part 2 of 4)

In part two, Stephen Power, aka The Racing Blogger talks about backing horses and his particular talent in that sphere.

STEPHEN POWER (The Racing Blogger) (part 3 of 4)

In part three Stephen continues his story including the reason behind his Twitter account suspension. He also talks about his frustration in the objection to media right owners to his filming on-course, his pride at being featured in the Racing Post and his eye-opening time working with Betdaq.

STEPHEN POWER (The Racing Blogger) (part 4 of 4)

In part 4 Stephen Power aka ‘The Racing Blogger’ talks about his concerns on mental health and his dedication to awareness of the issue. He also touches on his nutrition, Pilates and bodybuilding activities with advice on training and weight loss helping your self-confidence. He then puts heart and soul into selling racing to us, go on Bloggsie, give us your best pitch. He also talks about how he loves taking on the racecourse bookmakers then lets us in on his plan for the future. If you are reading this in 2023 check in to see how it went.

STEPHEN POWER (The Racing Blogger) #BettingPeople PODCAST

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