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Interview: STEVE BAUMOHL Steve spent a lot of his youth in the USA and fell in love with NFL, watching games on the TV with his grandmother. Back in the UK he started his career in spread betting, delved briefly into bookmaking then back to spread betting. In that time he soon became a hugely respected market maker and feared punter, pouncing on and earning handsomely from other odds-makers mistakes. Steve now owns redzonesports and pits his wits against all-comers. Meeting STEVE BAUMOHL.

STEVE BAUMOHL (part 1 of 3)

This #BettingPeople interview is with owner and renowned NFL judge and punter Steve Baumohl who talks about his career. The effect of new regulation in the USA on his business, rule changes in the NFL and what makes it a great betting medium. His days working in Spread Betting and easy pickings on American football in betting shops.

STEVE BAUMOHL (part 2 of 3)

In part two, NFL punter and bookmaker Steve talks about working with Sporting Index, City Index and Sportsline. He talks the value of going to training camp. He talks price movements and how weight of money affects the line depending on the source. He also explains his 24 hour operation and how the days tuning into forces radio were a lot of fun.

STEVE BAUMOHL (part 3 of 3)

In part three, Steve talks about getting the edge by gathering information from local papers and ‘informants’. He also talks betting on other American sports. His favourite markets to bet on and bets he doesn’t like taking. Is there any emotion in gambling? He concludes with his best advice for punters who wish to win betting on American Football.


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