AUTHOR: davidstewart

It’s a corporate wage-slave’s world!

The Newspaper of the Year, The Daily Mail, carries a front-page article today that must make even all the spoilt-middle-class-leftie-staff consider the conditions their small business employers are trying to work under. (I’m sure it won’t, as they’re probably all too busy reading through their contracts seeing what they can sue their employers for, when they’re sacked for not doing their jobs to a satisfactory standard, but I’ll continue anyway…)

Instead of supporting similar local small-businesses, like those that feed them their easy salaries each month, they can’t wait to rush off and spend their money with the corporate giants… like Amazon and Starbucks (where they rush to check their Facebook pages, using the free wifi, on their work paid-for laptops). The two stated, who have crushed their independent competitors by producing everything in mass and by paying the minimum wage, don’t even bring anything to the party tax-wise.

The government, as if being led by the jealous punters and staff, are now publishing a list, which is updated every three months, of small businesses who have defaulted on their tax bills. PROBABLY SO THEY CAN STAY IN BUSINESS and keep paying all the other taxes and hand-outs, and The Staff’s; wages, NI, paid holiday, maternity leave, paternity leave, sick pay, insure them if they fall over at work when they’ve got a hangover/are still drugged-up, and now even have to pay pensions for them to support them when they’ve stopped pretending to work.

The government might do a bit better to worry about how they can stop giving giants like Tesco unnecessary hand-outs and blind-eyes to corporate snides like Starbucks and Amazon. If they encouraged more small business people to ‘have a go’, rather than crushing them with bureaucracy and rights for their incompetent employees, then the British high-street may have something more to offer than Prezzo and Eat.

In other news:

At Playa El Duque, as you look out to sea, there are two islands of rocks; one to the left, and one to the right. Most people swim to the one on the left, I choose to swim to the one on the right. Yesterday, I asked one of the life-guards if the islands have names. He said ‘no’. I have named my island ‘La Isla de Capitalistas’ and in a move that will delight the staff; when swimming out there yesterday, managed to bash my shin on a rock and incur a rather annoying cut. Oh, how all the drong would have laughed, together, from their island opposite!