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Hello one and all!

For the first time I can remember, the Prime Minister has stayed the same between two different columns! I wonder what odds we can get on Sunak lasting until the next update. I start this week with some words about a website you probably found this on…

Chief Twit

If you’re reading this, then you probably came from Twitter. And you know how much I love that website – as I never fail to tell anyone who’s around to listen. And yes, I will pay for verification before you ask.

Now it’s very difficult to know what exactly is going to happen here. Musk has already floated several ideas – including the idea of paying $20 (£17.89) for verified status, which is more than the $8 (£7.16) currently mooted for Twitter Blue (supposedly available for everyone) – a price which itself would be an increase from its current price of $4.99 (£4.47) per month, which increased just this year from $2.99 (£2.68).

Are you with me?

According to The Verge and Bloomberg overnight, Musk is planning to cut about 3,800 jobs from Twitter – and is also asking for the Blue upgrade to be delivered by the 7th November, with staff working around the clock to do so.

If he can meet that deadline is an open question to say the least – this is a massive amount of work – and the potential outcomes vary extremely widely for a man who has bet massively on the platform’s success – $13 billion in debt financing alone for the deal has come from banks.

It’s possible that a blue tick offer – and perhaps more importantly, features such as longer media – could bring many people onboard to Twitter Blue. However, it is just as likely that users leave the site in their droves and take their posting elsewhere, which would be a serious problem considering how reliant Twitter is on ad revenue.

There are massive security implications too for this plan. Assuming that a blue check would beg given to anyone who could pay, as the New York Times is suggesting (see below), would surely lead to absolute havoc with floods of spoof accounts confusing users.

Want one more thing to throw in the mix? A massive set of layoffs across the company. The only guarantee we have is more chaos…

The Big 40

Channel 4 turned 40 years old this week. One of the Great British Success Stories, it’s been home to ground-breaking, controversial and outright brilliant television (if you’ve never seen Utopia by the way, set aside a few hours. You’ll thank me!).

Home to such classics as This Is England, Peep Show, Shameless, Brass Eye, Derry Girls, Black Mirror, Spaced, Skins, Faking It, Eurotrash, Desmond’s, Football Italia, it’s one of the best cultural assets Britain has to offer.

And thankfully – in a good political move – Rishi Sunak is reportedly shelving plans to drop the channel. Here’s to 40 more years of the best!

Invest, Invest, Invest!

The disastrous effects of the Liz Truss Premiership (if you can call it that!) will linger on for months, if not years. And whilst there’s a debate on how to tackle the economic effects of that (whilst I’m no economist, you won’t hear me calling for austerity) it’s clear spending cuts are coming.

Thankfully Sizewell C and HS2 are reportedly not under threat, but the scaling back of Northern Powerhouse Rail is a mistake and not the answer to budgeting problems. If the Government is serious about Net Zero as a target, and climate change as a whole, more rail and bus links are needed – especially outside of London, where many can’t rely on their local transport links. Talk about an anti-growth coalition…

Worth A Thought…

A lot has been said about Manston in recent days. My only comment here is that these two threads are worth reading:





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