JUST WILLIAM: Euro Tweeters To Follow

It’s (football) nearly home!*

Euro 2020 – how did we settle on that name? – is nearly upon us with just a week to go until the continent is hit with a feast of football that will last precisely one month, and that brings with it the joys of a traditional tournament summer (or most of them, at least).

Many of you reading this will be on Twitter for the duration of the tournament – it’s probably how you found this column – so what better way to prepare than finding the best people to follow!

Carl Anka (@Ankaman616)

Well known for his in-depth coverage of Manchester United – and also co writing a book with Marcus Rashford! – Anka’s mix of humor and critical analysis make him a must have on the timeline ahead of the next month. It’s a helpful bonus that he has one of the best meme collections in the business to boot, too.

Adam Hurrey (@FootballCliches)

Already a much-loved figure for his book Football Cliches and podcast of the same name, Adam’s incredible use of retro graphics (see below) earns him a spot on this list alone (seriously, how can you not have them on your TL?)

Grace Robertson (@GraceOnFootball)

A brilliant tactical analyst, Grace’s substack – https://t.co/VYnPSN1S8w?amp=1 – is well worth a sign up, but those lucky enough to follow her get some of the best analysis on the net as well as some delightful trips through memory lane. If hot takes are your thing (of course they are, you’re reading this) then that’s a bonus to boot.

Ryan Hunn (@ryanhunn) & Musa Okwonga (@Okwonga)

A two in one recommendation here, namely because you’ll never miss the amazing Stadio podcast if you’re following one or both of them. That isn’t the only reason to follow the pair of them – both are witty, tuned in football lovers who can cut through to the heart of any issue relating to the beautiful game.

Jessica Creighton (@JessCreighton)

It would be churlish not to have someone embedded within the England camp on this list and Jess, who took an award for ‘Coming In From The Cold’ with TalkSPORT at the ARIAS awards, should be a very beneficial addition to the timelines of those who want realisable and accurate England news.

The xG Philosophy (@xGPhilosophy)

I couldn’t have a list of football tweeters to follow without putting in one xG user and the Gold Standard of xG accounts is surely The xG Philsophy, an account presumably run by James Tippett (the author of the The xG Philsophy book). Opinions on the model are very much divided, but for yours truly there’s huge value in the numbers and this is the place to go.

Mark O’Haire (@MarkOHaire)

First things first – Congratulations to Mark for putting together one of the outstanding betting guides I’ve seen for any tournament. It can be found here:


Secondly, those of us who have seen his work on WeLoveBetting will know of the incredible work Mark puts into the site but he’s also a very useful Twitter follow too, popping up with handy stats for either the casual fan, serious punter, or football purist. Not someone you want to go into battle without.

Those were a few of my handpicked Euro 2020 Twitter follows but if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them – please get in touch @KeejayOV3!



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