JUST WILLIAM: Heated Questions

Hello and welcome back! Hopefully this finds you well, and staying cool enough not to blow up! A slight change in topic, as we’re going to have a #QuestionsCorner special – focusing on sport, with a bit of politics in between. But first, as always, it’s…

Reads Of The Week:

The UK is now in recession. That surprises nobody – this is a pandemic after all – but it’s worth considering all parts of the UK’s Coronavirus response, and this is a brutal, forensic and clear headed inspection of the British state and why it failed in comparison to so many other nations by Tom McTague:


This is perhaps the most unpredictable election season in history, and the modellers and analysts have never been under more pressure than now. Here’s Mike Goodman talking to Nate Silver about how Five Thirty Eight’s forecast gives Biden the same chance at this point as one… Hillary Rodham Clinton:


We are big fans of interviews here, and Rachel Moss’s fine sitdown with Edith Bowman is worth reading, especially for music lovers:


Listens Of The Week:

You’ve all read the memes from the amazing Trump interview with Johnathan Swan – but what about the deeper meaning? This from Midfield Politics is worth the time if you can find it as Luke James (@LukeJames_32) and Zak Green (@Zakiavelli_v2) tell you all you need to know!


There are so many podcasts on the Kamala Harris pick, but Americast – as ever – does a phenomenal job of making sense of the decision and this is one of their best episode. Props to Studio director Emma Crowe, Producers Harriet Noble and Morgan Gisholt Minard, and editor Dino Sofos for the quick turnaround:


The #QuestionsCorner special:

Golf can be a cruel game. Our tipping ace Blue Horseshoe – who is well in-front since the restart of professional golf – had put readers into a superb position in the US PGA, the first major of the year. Of his five selections, four were no more than two shots back going into the final round, with Dustin Johnson leading. Johnson would make a strong early start, whilst Tony Finau would also take the lead at one point. Neither could match the brilliance of Collin Morikawa – and what a final round performance he gave – but 4 finished in the top ten including tied second and tied third, all agonisingly watched by yours truly.

It reminded me about this tweet, posted by friend of the column and gambling analyst Alun:

And it got me thinking…

What are your least favourite betting sports? I asked, and Twitter didn’t disappoint:

For one, a few of you share the same view RE Golf…

And a couple of you aren’t huge fans of football betting…

Rugby came in for it’s fair share of scorn…..

Formula 1 wasn’t forgotten either….

And the rest, of course:

This all got me thinking – what are you looking forward to (in pure sporting or betting terms) most over the next month? Again, plenty of good answers, with a lot of love for Rugby:

This fan, along with yours truly, was keen to see the Tour de France – although he didn’t want to bet it (and we’ve no opposition to that here!)

There was a shout for the Ebor (and don’t miss our coverage of that next week, featuring the Zoom Room and also Silvestre De Sousa’s blog).

This Chelsea fan was looking forward to some new faces in Blue:

But the right answers were….

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