26 November, 2021

AUTHOR: James Dowen

JUST WILLIAM: Singing Dialects & Life Lessons

Dear Readers, there’s a lot that divides us in these times. Indeed, many conservational topics I’ve written about have been subjects for this column. So, I’m delighted to start this week with something that has united the country.

I am talking, of course, about the greatest cultural phenomenon seen in decades.


I normally try not to judge my readers too much, but there’s no chance that you haven’t seen this latest sensation.

For those who somehow missed it at the time (again, I must state that I refuse to believe anyone reading this hasn’t heard some of the amazing efforts on #SINGYOURDIALECT) please enjoy Rice Rice Baby – which will go a long way to fixing any of your problems!

Another wild thing to happen this week took place in Sweden. Yesterday at 9.45am, Swedish MPs have voted to make Magdalena Andersson the country’s first female prime minister, with the Social Democrat leader securing the support she needed in Parliament.

Shortly afterwards, Andersson’s party suffered a budget defeat in parliament and its coalition partner left the two-party minority government. And then at 4.55, just like that, Andersson resigned, ending her seven-hour stint in office.

In the spirit of short-lived reigns, I asked you what the shortest amount of time you’d held a job for, and as ever – you didn’t disappoint.

Ten Things I’ve Learned Since Moving To London

Those of you who follow me closely might know that I’ve moved to London – indeed, I think I’ll have been here for just about a month. So, without further ado, here are some things I’ve learned in my time here….

Spread your travel around

One travel habit I’ve found: is – if you want to get somewhere quickly, take the tube. If you want to get right to the doorstep, grab the bus. Mixing the two journeys can often make for the most efficient trip – and I’m sure that everyone reading will be shouting at the screen to download Citymapper already.

Sneaky tip: If you have an iPhone, Apple Maps gives the best walking directions by a mile, and Google Maps is best for transport.

Everywhere Takes 30 minutes

That said, it takes 30 minutes to get everywhere. Literally *everywhere.* Start planning in units of 30 minutes.

Comfortable Shoes Are a Must

You’re going to be walking a lot, even if you don’t plan to. Comfortable doesn’t have to mean expensive, by the way – whatever works!

There’s nothing better than the front seat on the DLR

I knew this before, but it’s still true, so I’m having it.

The front seat on the double-decker bus is also wonderful

Again, it’s true. You can’t deny that it’s true, so it’s in.

Use The Parks

They are everywhere around the City and during the rare times where you can get some daylight, they’re magical.

The Night Ends Early

Bar a couple of spots in Camden – here’s to you, Camden Head! – most pubs will close much earlier than outside of the country, and whilst there are many famous clubs around, getting a drink past 10.30 is a tough task. If you enjoy a pub sesh – as I do – then don’t leave it too late!

Check Out The Markets

London has tons of markets, which offer everything you could name under the sun – and as a bonus, you’ll have the wonderful bonus of some of the best food in London!

Listen To The Locals

Our #LondonLife series will show you some of the best things you can do around London, but there’s also a huge community of Londoners on Twitter who will know the place like the back of their hand. Many a time I’ve found them to provide help as good as any app, and sometimes quicker, so ask around.

Embrace it

London can be a monster of a place, but it provides opportunities like nowhere else in the world. There’s something for literally everyone here – so find your niche and go for it!


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